Dear ka hindi arth

with or in a close or intimate relationshipSynonyms: good, nearExamples- a good friend- my sisters and brothers are near and dearhaving a high priceSynonyms: costly, high-priced, pricey, pricyExamples- a pricey restaurant- costly jewelry- high-priced merchandise- much too dear for my pocketbookdearly lovedSynonyms: beloved, darlingsincerely earnestSynonyms: devout, earnest, heartfeltExamples- devout wishes for their success- heartfelt condolences- one’s dearest wishadverbat a great costSynonyms: dearlyExamples- he paid dearly for the food- this cost him dearwith affectionSynonyms: affectionately, dearlyExamples- he treats her affectionately- she loved him dearlynouna beloved person; used as terms of endearmentSynonyms: beloved, dearest, honey, lovea sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child)Synonyms: lamb