Disguise meaning in hindi

Disguise meaning in hindi

Disguise Ka meaning hai भेष

What does disguise mean?

disguise, cloak, mask mean to alter the dress or appearance of so as to conceal the identity or true nature. disguise implies a change in appearance or behavior that misleads by presenting a different apparent identity. disguised herself as a peasant cloak suggests a means of hiding a movement or an intention.

What is the synonym of disguise?

camouflage, conceal, hide, cover up, make inconspicuous, mask, screen, shroud, veil, cloak. dissemble, dissimulate, gloss over, varnish over, paper over. put up a smokescreen, misrepresent, falsify, give a false picture of.

What does it mean to disguise someone?

Disguise means to change someone or something to hide its identity or true feelings. An example of disguise is to dress someone in a wig and dark glasses. Disguise one’s true intentions.

What’s a blessing in disguise?

A blessing in disguise is an English language idiom referring to the idea that something that appears to be a misfortune can have unexpected benefits.

What is an angel in disguise?

A person who is always ready to help out others. This type of person is looked at as an angel in human form and thus the term Angel in Disguise. She is an Angel in Disguise.”

What is the opposite meaning of disguise?

Opposite of to hide or conceal something (literally or figuratively) expose. reveal. unmask. bare.

What is a word for hiding the truth?

Concealment: omitting information that is important or relevant to the given context, or engaging in behavior that helps hide relevant information. Exaggeration: overstatement or stretching the truth to a degree. Understatement: minimization or downplaying aspects of the truth.

What do you call someone who hides their identity?

A pseudonym (soo-do-nim) or alias is a fake name a person uses instead of their real name. People use pseudonyms for several different reasons: to hide identity, gender, and/or race.

What is the difference between guise and disguise?

Both involve the art of deception: it’s the methods that differ. Guise is about trying on new attitudes and mannerisms, such as speaking and acting in the guise of a native in a place where you are actually a tourist. Disguise involves hiding your real identity, disappearing in the new role.