Even meaning in hindi

Even meaning in hindi

Even Ka meaning hai यहाँ तक की

What even means?

Even describes something as being flat or equal. Even is also used to intensify a statement. In math, even means a number is divisible by 2. The word even has many other senses as an adjective, adverb, and verb. If a surface is even, it is flat or smooth.

What is even in grammar?

from English Grammar Today. Even is an adverb. We use even to refer to something surprising, unexpected, unusual or extreme: He didn’t even have enough money to pay the rent.

Are we even meaning?

We‘re even. If someone does something bad or good to you and so you want to do “the same” to this person, you say you’re even. If someone does you a favour, you want to do a favour for him/her,too, as a way to say “thank you”; you want to be even with this person.

Can I start sentence with even?

Yes you can start a sentence with even. It is grammatically correct.

Can even or even can?

rule about “even” placed before verbs for emphasis? (“even can‘t”) in English we say “can‘t even” but not“even can‘t.” “I will even” is OK; “Ieven will” is not.

What is an even voice?

A voice that is neither loud nor low: In a neutral voice.

Does even mean equal?

When used as verbs, equal means to be equal to, to have the same value as, whereas even means to make flat and level. When used as adjectives, equal means the same in all respects, whereas even means flat and level. Even is also adverb with the meaning: exactly, just, fully.

How do we use despite in a sentence?

They can all be used at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence. Despite the rain, we enjoyed the festival. We enjoyed the festival, despite the rain. The main difference between although, even though, in spite of and despite is that they are used with different structures.

Is even if correct?

Even if means whether or not and has to do with the conditions that may apply. Compare the following: Even if I had two hours to spare for shopping, I wouldn’t go out and buy a suit. Even though I had two hours to spare for shopping, I couldn’t find the suit I wanted.