Igrs ap

IGRS EC significance

Mentioned below is the importance of IGRS AP EC that is given by the Andhra Pradesh government.

  • EC AP has to be given to banks as a guarantee, to get property credit. The EC AP document will assure the financial institution that the property / land is not sold.
  • EC AP is an important proof of property ownership.
  • If for some reason, property charge is not paid for more than three years to the AP registration and stamps department, EC AP has to be given to the Panchayat/Village officer for getting the land charge records refreshed.

IGRS EC: Information on the document

AP EC has the following information on it making it a very important document.

  • Encumbrance certificate AP has the property / land owner’s name.
  • IGRS EC Andhra includes property details.
  • Encumbrance certificate AP will mention the total property available according to IGRS deed details.
  • Encumbrance certificate will have the exchanges that are recognised with a property.
  • Exchanges identified with a property will be referenced in the EC.
  • Encumbrance certificate AP will highlight whether a property has been bought using home loan or any credit.
  • For talented deeds, subtleties on blessing settlement will be given in the EC.
  • You can access delivery deed details on the IGRS EC Andhra.