Kamakhya kavach

Kamakhya Kavach (कामाख्या कवच): Kamakhya Kavach is very auspicious Kavach. It holds a significant value to improve the condition of life. It helps to create a positive environment around you. Reciting the Kamakhya Kavach is considered quite auspicious to make you safe from the evil eye. It diminishes the negative waves in your life.Shiva and Shakti are virtually integral, but some believe that the power element is the main. Originally though power is the same, but different forms and names are different in different forms due to their different incarnation. Mother is considered a mixed form of Kamakhya, Kali and Tara. Some scholars also consider the nature of their mother Shodhashi. In all four types of species, Bhagawati Kamakhya is a virtuous. The calculus of black, star and hexadecimal is considered at first, second and third places respectively in tens science, whose composite form is Bhagawati Kamakhya.