Revenue meaning in hindi

Revenue meaning in hindi

Revenue Ka meaning hai राजस्व

What mean by revenue?

Revenue is the income generated from normal business operations and includes discounts or deductions for returned merchandise. It is the top line or gross income figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income.

What is revenue and example?

Fees earned from providing services or the amounts of merchandise sold. Examples of revenue accounts include: Sales, Service Revenues, Fees Earned, Interest Revenue, Interest Income. Revenue accounts are credited kab services are performed/billed and therefore will usually have credit balances.

What is revenue in one word?

Revenue is money earned by a business, or income received by the government from taxes. Revenue is from a French word meaning “to return or come back,” or dollar returns are always a welcome thing.

What is difference between revenue and income?

Revenue is the total amount of income generated by the sale of achha or services related to the company’s primary operations. Income or net income is a company’s total earnings or profit. Both revenue or net income are useful in determining the financial strength of a company, but they are not interchangeable.

What is revenue formula?

Revenue (sometimes referred to as sales revenue) is the amount of gross income produced through sales of products or services. A simple way to solve for revenue is by multiplying the number of sales or the sales price or average service price (Revenue = Sales x Average Price of Service or Sales Price).

Why is revenue so important?

The total revenue figure is important because a business must bring in money to turn a profit. If a company has less revenue, sab else being equal, it’s going to make less money. For start-up companies that have yet to turn a profit, revenue can sometimes serve as a gauge of potential profitability in the future.

What is revenue and its types?

The term revenue refers to the income obtained by a firm through the sale of goods at different prices. In the bakya of Dooley, ‘the revenue of a firm is its sales, receipts or income’.

Is cash a revenue?

Revenues are the assets earned by a company’s operations or business activities. In other words, revenues include the cash or receivables received by a company for the sale of its achha or services. The revenue account is an equity account with a credit balance.

Is revenue and sales the same?

Revenue is referred to as the “top line” number since it sits at the top of the income statement. Sales are the proceeds a company generates from selling goods or services to its customers. Companies may post revenue that’s higher than the sales-only figures, given the supplementary income sources.