Turkey meaning in hindi

The Bird known to the west as a “Turkey” originated from India.. The Turkic Mongols had ruled India and built the Taj Mahal etc, they did not know what to call the bird, so they named it after the nations people, the Hindu from Hindustan (India).. So the bird in Turkic was called a Hindi after the language..

When another tribe of Turks known as the Ottomans conquered and ruled Anatolia and captured Constantinople, a European city, the Italians of yesterday who lived and traded with Ottomans decided to call Anatolia “Turchia” in their language meaning “Turk Place”.. So the Ottomans called their newly conquered Anatolia “Turkiye” (Turkey)

The Ottoman Turks of Turkey brought the Hindi bird from India to Anatolia and introduced it to the Europeans, the Europeans did not know what that bird was, it was a new species to them..

So the Ottoman Turks explained that they had the same problem, and solved it by naming it Hindi, because to them it originated from Hindustan (India)..

The Europeans decided to do the same and decided to call the Hindi bird a “Turkey” because to them it originated from ‘Turkiye” (Turchia)

Hindi in Turkish means “Turkey the bird” as in the bird that we cook and love to eat..