What is katan silk

Katan silk may be a sort of silk which is more flexible to wear. it’s very expensive fabric. This fabric is made by holding threads together to make a robust and solid material. it’s one among the long lasting fabrics. Katan silk is additionally referred to as queen of all fabrics. Silk fabric is definitely adaptable to several different formats and styles of clothing for straightforward change and use. Katan fabric wear looks very pretty for anybody. an easy plain Katan silk looks very special and really instead of other fabrics. Katan silk emerged from Persia and came to India at the time of Mughal empire. Women who belongs to royal families enjoyed the pleasure of wearing silk acquired by paying from Persia and from some parts of India. They pay to weave them during a graceful and classy manner. Most of the ladies within the royal families filtered this fabric for its vigorous nature.